An Overview (with names):

"Whitey" is my largest truck. Big enough to handle a three bedroom if called upon. Ultra smooth on the highway. She has a Ford racing engine, but we keep it at the speed limit. There is seating for three should a client need a lift to their drop off location. 


e call this one "Beefy." This vehicle can handle most moves up to two bedrooms and has a lift gate for heavy items. Ride-along service cannot be provided in this truck. 

"Blue" is the gem of the fleet! A 1975 Ford F250 with Buick Regatta Blue paint. It was fully restored in the 90's and makes me smile every time I get to drive it. I don't baby her though. She still goes out on the road to help out the truckless people in our great city.


The "Ugly" truck can handle it all: super-sized couches, studio, 1br and some 2br moves. She is small enough to scoot around town, but big enough to move your whole apartment to Malden or Minnesota.


Tough times like these call for a truck Built Ford Tough. "The Truck" certainly fits the bill. He starts up every time, braves the fiercest of weather and handles everything that I ask of him without complaint. The Truck also has power windows and a super-comfy bench seat for those of you who want to ride-along. Rolling down the windows and turning up the radio is optional. Wearing your seat belt is mandatory!

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