Odds & Ends Thrift Shop

Recently, I made the decision to expand our business again. The result was our Odds & Ends Thrift Shop. We sell a lot of the things people need every day like pans and dishes and DVDs. But we also specialize in unique gifts.

For those moving customers who need furnishings, please check us out. I offer a 15% discount.

This venture allows us to take away your sale-able
, unwanted furniture where we couldn't in the past. Ideally, our interest is in offering you a way of getting rid of an otherwise perfectly good item without having to figure out the details of getting it to a donation center like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Etc. For some items, we do still need to charge for disposal. For example, we just can't sell a stained and torn sofa, so we would have to ask for $40 to dispose of it. Our typical fee for a couch. 

There are rare instances where we do buy privately, but it is not common.

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